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PLUS-X Award 2021 for GoGaS INTERx series

GoGaS INTERx series for chemical-free room air disinfection wins the internationally renowned PLUS-X Award 2021 - Best Product and Best Brand 2021 - Room Disinfection category.

As the jury of the internationally renowned Plus-X Awards announced on April 12th, the GoGaS INTERx series for chemical and ozone-free disinfection of room air was awarded the Plus-X Award 2021 for the best product and the best brand in 2021 in the room disinfection category excellent. The Best Product and Best Brand awards are only given once a year. The award is given to the best who were able to convince in most of the categories in their category.

In addition, the INTERx series was able to win in a total of 5 categories and won the award in 2021 in the categories:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Highest quality
  • Design
  • Ease of use

The coveted awards in these 5 categories were given to the entire INTERx® series in 2021. This includes the systems:

  • INTERsens® 250 (wall version)
  • INTERsens® 250 R (free-standing column)
  • INTERsens® 1000 (free-standing advertising pillar)
  • LIFTsens® 25/50 (all types of passenger and freight elevators)
  • INTERsan 25/50 (for toilets and sanitary rooms)
  • INTERex 25/50 (for containers and mobile facilities)
  • TRAFFICsens 25/50 (for buses and trains)

Further information can be found in the PDF.


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Stadionwelt Inside 1/2021

Comfort through gas infrared emitters

Cold, windy and damp stands in football and multi-purpose stadiums are out of date. Nowadays, spectators of sporting events expect a pleasant environment in addition to the sporting events, which also includes the thermal climate in the stands.

The effect of gas infrared radiant heating is comparable to solar radiation in the high mountains. Even when it's freezing in winter, you can sunbathe in the snow on the mountains and it is still pleasantly warm. This is due to the much more intense infrared radiation in the mountains. And it is precisely this effect that GoGaS makes use of with its gas infrared emitters. The perceived temperature is made up of the actual air temperature and the radiation intensity at the respective location. The high proportion of radiant heat from the gas infrared radiators creates thermal comfort even at low air or outside temperatures. The ambient air remains cool and fresh and the climate is perceived as pleasant and healthy. An additional but indirect heating effect is the warming of walls, floors and other objects whose surface temperatures rise above the value of the air temperature. This is perceived as pleasant and thus serves as an additional heating surface.

You can find more information in our press release as a PDF

PDF: Stadionwelt Inside 1/2021

GoGaS Sustainable IR Heating Stadionheizung