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Systems and solutions for validated room air hygiene

LIFTsens - PARKsens - INTERsens® - TRAFFICsens

With the LIFTsens®, PARKsens® and INTERsense® series, we combine gentle, environmentally friendly UV-C disinfection with air purification.

LUBI WALL - Solar Fresh Air Collector

LUBI WALL is a super efficient, CO2 neutral and regenerative Fresh Air System, für sustainable ventilation, heating and cooling of buildings

INTERsens® 1000

No more viruses and bacteria. UV-C light makes germs in the room air harmless. Just press the start button. Enjoy the good feeling of security.

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GoGaS presents its new LIFTsens series for the disinfection of lifts of all common manufacturers and models. The new PARKsens series is used for combined disinfection and cleaning of the air in garages and underground garages. Furthermore, the new INTERsens® series presents the combined disinfection and cleaning of the air in all buildings such as retail, gastronomy, hotel industry, trade, administration, service, sports facilities.

A healthy, comfortable room climate is essential. Especially with insulated and sealed halls the necessary airing becomes an important factor. LUBI Wall creates sufficient fresh air flow – from this the people, machines and stored products profit.

INTERsens® 1000 disinfects the room air absolutely reliable with UV-C light. The effectiveness is clinically tested and proven. INTERsens® 1000 also works against new pathogens - and strengthens your company.


The entire LUBI WALL, INTERx, INTERsens® 1000, LIFTsens®, PARKsens systems have the task of disinfecting the room air and exchanging the air. The systems are modular and, depending on the task, are installed either as a stand, wall or ceiling version. The systems suck in the room air in a controlled manner and disinfect infectious aerosols in the system using validated UV-C technology. At the other end, the disinfected room air is released into the room in a controlled manner. The whole thing has the advantage:

  • No suction of dirt and grime
  • No drafts, neither at the inlet nor at the outlet
  • Modular systems between 100m³ / h and 1200m³ / h enable the separation of air and flow circuits in buildings so that infectious aerosols are not distributed over the entire room
  • No complex, expensive filters required. So no hazardous waste, because classic filters are hazardous waste in the end and must not be changed or disposed of by everyone (occupational safety)
  • With our systems, none of this is necessary. Simply change the lamps once a year, done!


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