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CO2 balance - The third rent

Constantly increasing costs due to CO2 emissions

The new legal situation in terms of climate protection means rising costs for companies. The recently introduced CO2 pricing from 2021 increases the energy consumption of vehicles and real estate to a not inconsiderable and constantly increasing extent. "Even if we will not reach a value of 150 euros per tonne of CO2 in Germany like in Sweden, the introduction of the certification trade planned by the federal government with gradually increasing prices for CO2 emissions will be something like the third rent from January 2021 “Says Heiko Schneider, CEO of GoGaS. The Dortmund-based company specializes in the CO2-neutral operation of real estate and outlines on the following pages measures to optimize existing properties in terms of CO2 consumption and options for planning and equipping new buildings from the start in a CO2-neutral manner.


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