CAREtaker2 HERO21 Disinfektion robot

CAREtaker2 HERO21 Desinfektionsroboter

GoGaS Goch presents the new disinfection robot CAREtakers2 HERO21

The CAREtaker2 HERO21 is based on a well proven industrial robot platform, combined with the latest state of the art UV-C disinfection technology. This allows a secure and save operation of the CAREtaker in a broad range of different situations and
environment, not only in the health and medical segment, but also across industrial and other environments in a 24/7 application.

The CAREtaker2 HERO21 applies the UV-C light, using a precise wavelenght of around 254nm with a > 90% efficiency, only a very small fraction of the energy is seen as light. With a reach of 360° the CAREtaker2 HERO21 disinfects Air and Surfaces up to around 250cm from floor level in one cycle at the same time and destroys the DNA of the Bacterias and others.

This save and environment friendly method makes the CAREtaker2 HERO21 the ideal system accomplishing disinfection and Health & Safety Compliance at the same time. The CAREtaker2 HERO21 can easily be operated manually, semi automatic or in a full predefined autonomous mode.

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