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CO2 price calculator - symbiosis of profitability and sustainability

The path to CO2-neutral real estate

There are a number of ways to operate a property in a CO2-neutral manner. In addition to replacement planting, certificate trading is currently a frequently practiced solution. However, there is also the possibility of retrofitting a property in such a way that its operation becomes CO2-neutral. For this purpose, GoGaS offers a consistent and modular portfolio for both existing and new properties, which provides its customers with all the various stakeholders with the opportunity to
achieve this goal on a permanent basis. At the same time, GoGaS contributes to securing the investments of its customers sustainably and in the long term, thus uniting the goals of sustainability and profitability Of course, this will become more and more interesting from 2021 onwards, because the costs will rise steadily from then on.

Carbon dioxide emissions will cost money from 2021 onwards

Five months after the Climate Protection Act came into force, the German government has launched a gradually increasing price for climate-damaging greenhouse gases and thus a CO2 price. The price will be set by trading pollution certificates for buildings and transport. This will start in January 2021 at 25 euros per metric ton of CO2. This corresponds to a gross increase of seven cents per liter of gasoline, eight cents per liter of diesel, eight cents per liter of heating oil and 0.5 cents per
kilowatt hour of natural gas. In 2022, the CO2 price is to be 30 euros, one year later 35 euros, in 2024 again 45 euros and finally in 2025 55 euros. From 2026 onwards, the certificate price is to be determined by auctioning. A price corridor of 55 euros to 65 euros per ton of CO2 has been set for 2026.