UV-C disinfection with a system

UV-C Desinfektion mit System GoGaS

From the solutions for the entire building - from the underground car park to the lobby and elevator to documents and keys - the restaurateurs are particularly interested in the circulating air disinfection module "Inter Sense" and "Pro Sense S" (picture). The latter looks like a table-top glass washer, makes sense wherever it is washed at temperatures below 60 ° C, and reliably kills germs on glass objects within a few minutes. The system provides evidence of successful disinfection, among other things UV sticker or a handheld measuring device.

And hand disinfection stands are available from GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. KG anyway. The first sales successes are the partnerships with well-known organizers of international symposia, conferences and trade fairs. The UV-C system solutions
should minimize the risk of infection.

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