Gas engine heat pump

The optimal solution for high demands

The gas engine heat pump of AISIN Toyota is one of the most efficient components of our product portfolio. Cosy warmth in the winter and pleasant cooling in the summer – the gas engine heat pump combines both functions in one device. The decentralized and directly operated system enables considerable economic benefits while simultaneously protecting our environment.

Everything like always – just different

Motor-driven heat pumps basically work on the same principle: heat is extracted from a medium and made available at a higher temperature level via the heat pump cycle. The central element here is the compressor.

Gas engine heat pumps use an environmentally friendly gas engine to drive the compressor. Here, the low primary energy factor of gas has a positive effect on the EnEV valuation (German Energy Saving Regulations).

During the operation of the gas engine heat pump, hardly any conversion losses and only small distribution losses occur. The high efficiency - combined with low primary energy costs (gas versus electricity) - significantly reduces operating costs and enables extremely short payback periods.

Flexible heating and cooling

The following possibilities result from only one system:

• heating
• cooling
• hot water from engine waste heat
• combined heat and power by using the cooling circuit of the engine

This complete system is both economically and ecologically convincing.

With a gas engine heat pump energy is drawn from the fuel and the environment. A gas engine heat pump can substantially cover the daily energy requirements in the heating as well as in the cooling operation by free environmental heat from the ambient air.